Spiritual Warfare is one of the talking points among Christian groups today. It is obvious to many that there is an enemy of God at work in His world. In spite of all the advances in technology, medicine, transport, communication etc. millions of people are still poor, hurting, neglected, alone……. and not just in the third world. On your street and mine, there are people suffering under very difficult circumstances.

God is good!

We must realise that God is still good, and does ALL things well in His time. But He has an enemy, the devil, who will not give up trying to destroy all the good that God is doing.

Satan’s plan is to stop God’s people from doing what He calls us to. He invades our lives, and brings in sickness, temptation, destruction, disappointment, wrong relationships, etc. Sadly the devil has invaded much of the church bringing in disputes, false doctrines and acceptance of things that God clearly calls sin.

God’s plan is bigger

But God’s plan is bigger, better, and reaches further than anything satan could ever dream of. Forgiveness can be found in Jesus, by accepting Him. We can become children of the Living God, but there is a battle to be fought. Our enemy does not just leave us alone once we have given our lives to Jesus. He works even harder to keep us ineffective in our spreading the good news of the gospel, he keeps us busy so that we don’t have time to pray and read the Bible, and he makes us sick so that we say “God doesn’t heal today”!

There is a battle to be fought, and work to be done. This study has been prepared with a view to helping us all discover what the Bible says about spiritual warfare.

Is it only for a chosen few? Or Should it be a part of our daily Christian walk?

Is it something that developed with the latest move of the Holy Spirit? Or has it always been something we should get involved in?

I do not profess to be an expert, but I do have some experience of all the things discussed here. Furthermore, I think it is time to share some of what I have been learning.

My Prayer

A long time ago, the Lord laid on my heart Hosea 4:6 My people perish for lack of knowledge.

My first prayer is that this study will help you grow in the knowledge of God, which is the primary thing in Spiritual Warfare. Everything we do as Christians we do for HIM, with Him, and each thing should make us grow closer to Him. Just as He told Jeremiah that He had loved Israel with an everlasting love, (Jeremiah 31:3) nothing has changed. Jesus is still looking for the Bride He loves.

My second prayer is that each of us will understand more of what the Lord expects of us. We are His family on the earth, and we need to understand what we are capable of in His name.

The study

In most cases, I have only included the Bible references, and not copied the verses in full. That way, as the reader looks up the verses in their context, there will be other things that leap from the pages of the Bible, asking to be studied and learned. Please don’t skip over the verses, take time to read them in context, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish this study. God is not in a hurry, and His timing is perfect.

I hope you get as much out of completing this study, as I got out of preparing it.

Be blessed as you continue.

Be sure to bookmark this study and check back regularly for the next part.

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