This post is the introduction to a series about “Angels”.

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Angels – Day 1


I have been learning some new things about angels, so felt, for myself, it was time to do a serious study. This month, I am sharing with you just a little of what I am learning. I hope it will encourage you to be aware of their presence in your daily life.

During the many years of my Christian life I have often prayed for an angelic presence, not understanding that there was already a host of angels surrounding me. I have prayed to have open eyes to see them, or to hear them. But the Lord has not yet answered those prayers. But I am still confident in the angelic presence and activity. My prayer is that as we are going through this study we will become more and more aware of all that the angels do, and are ready to do for us.

Angels in the Bible

Luke’s gospel contains more reports of angelic intervention than any of the other gospels. And the book of Acts which he also wrote, has the next highest number (22) in the New Testament except for the book of Revelation which has the most by far. There are 77 mentions of angels in this last book of the Bible.

I was not really surprised at that because I am expecting there to be more angelic intervention at the end of time as we know it, than at any other time in history, except maybe at the beginning when the earth was formed and created.

At the start of the Christian era when God’s “ecclesia” (the Greek word meaning management and used for the church on earth) began to grow, there must have been much angelic activity, getting people to the right place to hear the message of the good news. And at the end of life on earth as we know it, the angels will have much to do in preparation for the new life in Heaven. Exciting times ahead!


Pray as you begin this study that the Lord will raise your expectation of seeing angels and recognising how busy they are all around you.

Think about what you expect them to do for you.

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