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Suddenly – Day 1

Genesis 2:18

The Lord God said, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

The Thought

The first actual mention of our word for this month, looking at the “suddenlies” of God, comes almost at the end of the book of Genesis. But it seems to me that there had been many “suddenlies” before this point. Adam was made in the likeness of our creator God, who had put him in the garden to live. Then God brought all the animal kingdom to meet this first man. There must have been a few surprises there as Adam met each animal for the first time! What a huge variety of different creations God had made. All sizes, all shapes and all colours!

The best surprise for Adam was when he woke from sleep and “SUDDENLY” met Eve for the first time. Our verse today tells us that God realised that man would be lonely, so He put him to sleep and performed the first ever surgical operation by taking a rib from Adam and making Eve.

Much of the world would say that event just happened naturally over millions of years, and man developed from fish! Neither human logic nor the word of God give us that option.

When God presented the first woman to the first man, Adam’s response was a “suddenly”. Up to that point he had lived with animals and plants, and talked to God, but no suitable helper was found (Genesis 2:20) until he met Eve. Then Adam was complete!


Read the first two chapters of Genesis today and ask God what you should believe about the beginnings of our world.

Look for the “suddenlies” around you! There are good ones and not so good ones in all our daily lives. Praise God for the good ones, and pray for strength to cope with the not so good ones.

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