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Mary’s of the Bible – Day 1

John 19:25

Near the cross of Jesus stood His mother, His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene.

The Thought

As we read the gospels, there seem at certain moments to be too many Marys! Three of them are mentioned in this verse. So we will attempt this month to decipher which Mary is which and look at the roles they played in and around the life of Jesus, while also determining Biblical truths about each one.

None of us alive today can imagine the spectacle Mary was witnessing that day. She was watching the crucifixion of her Son. But the fact that she was there tells us much about her strong character. She had been faithful to her task given by God after she was chosen to give birth to His Son. There was much more to that than just the ridicule and false judgements of others when she was found to be pregnant outside of marriage.

We can imagine the pain that she suffered, but also the pride she felt all through her life as she heard the prophecy from Simeon (Day 6Luke 2:34). As she watched her young Son astonish the church elders (Luke 2:42-50), and grow into an exceptional young man unlike any other that she and her husband Jospeh had ever met.


Pray as we begin this study that The Lord will dissolve away any confusion in your thoughts. Pray that He will make it clear to you which Mary is which.

Read the crucifixion as told in this chapter (John 19:19-24). Praise God for the strength of those women who stood helplessly watching. Ask yourself where you would be in this event. Remember that many of those bystanders were still hoping against hope that there would be a miracle and Jesus would descend from that cross. Praise God that His plan was much bigger than that.

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