I have often found myself being disappointed by the number of Christians I know who are ill! Not seriously ill, (although there are many who are), but who suffer from colds and flu, and the sort of wintery sicknesses that most people have come to expect.

I wrote this study many years ago, when I was first learning how to pray for Christians who were ill. We are not exempt as Christians from sickness and suffering, and a big chunk of my personal testimony comes from when I was dying with my burst gall bladder! Often we suffer from sickness because the Lord is trying to teach us something extremely important. In my case it changed my life, but I pray now that I will be hearing the Lord well enough that I don’t have to get sick to be blessed by Him.

I am very aware today that catching covid-19 is a possibility for many but I am saddened by the fear which is reigning even amongst the church. 365 times the Bible tells us not to fear. It is a satanic spirit from the pit of hell, and has no place in our lives. Read my study on Spiritual Warfare if fear is a problem in your life.

I asked the Lord about being ill, and He led me to understand that it is all to do with the renewing of the mind, and applying His word to our lives. I’m still working on that one, and I hope you are too.

Another study is in preparation (30 thoughts on “renewing the mind” Romans 12:2) but here we have a month looking at “the protection psalm” which I have found to be of great help when praying against sickness or attack of any kind, for myself and my family in the past. I hope you find it helpful too.
Be blessed and encouraged to expect great results as you make this psalm a reality in your life.

Thought 1

Psalm 91:1

Whoever lives under the shelter of the Most High …

It is possible to be a Christian and not “live under the shelter of the Most High”. Many people believe in Jesus, but don’t take time to really apply His teachings to their lives. Jesus said “Live in me, and I will live in you”.(John 15:4) What does that mean for you? Wherever you live, whether in a palace or a tent, it needs to be as secure and as safe as our circumstances allow. There is no safer place than under the shelter of the Most High, Almighty, All powerful, King of the Universe.

Pray for a fresh reality in your own life of what it means to live in the home of God.

Praise the Most High God that He has provided a place for you to stay by Him.

Praise Him for Jesus that made this place much more available to all, than at the time this psalm was written.

Thought 2

Psalm 91:1

… will remain in the shadow of the Almighty.

Can you see a difference between “living under the shelter” and “remaining in the shadow” of the Almighty? It is as though if we choose the first, we get the second as a bonus. Remaining in His shadow seems to me, to be much nearer to the person of the Lord than just living in His house. How many enemy plans do you think can be accomplished for you if you live in such close proximity to the Father God? Can you imagine a small boy terrified of something or someone and running to hide behind His Father in absolute certainty that He will take care of the enemy?

Pray for this image to become real for you, ask the Lord to show you His protection.

Praise Him that His shadow is powerful and enormous.

Thought 3

Psalm 91:2

I will say to the Lord, “You are my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.”

It is important to note here that it does not say, “I will think of the Lord…”. The key word is “say”, and the Bible is very clear that we need to speak out the truth. Why? Many reasons, but I believe that when I speak things out, both my spirit and my soul hear what I am saying. They react to my words and faith is increased. Also the enemy, who is always trying to trick us, will hear and will flee. Demons do not like to hear us proclaiming the truth. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that the tongue has the power of life and death. That’s my tongue, my life and my death.

Pray for the Lord to help you use your own words to bring healing to your soul and body. Pray for the conviction that when you speak out the truth it has powerful effect.

Praise God that His words are life and health to all who hear them. (Proverbs 4:20-22)

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