This post is the first in a series of studies about “Commandments”.

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Commandments – Day 1

John 15:12

This is my command: Love each other as I have loved you.

The Thought

As we look this month at God’s commandments and remind ourselves of the instructions He has given us, we start with this very clear command from Jesus in His farewell speech to His followers. This command is repeated just 5 verses later. So we can imagine it is one of the important things they had to remember. Consequently, it must also be important for us!

So easy to read, so easy to quote, but what does it actually mean for us His followers today, in our very broken and confused world?

First we must remember that Jesus was talking to His friends who knew Him well. Not to the general public. During His time on earth He demonstrated love in every possible way, and they had all learned from this. They went on to do the same in His name. Much of the church is continuing that good work. But sadly, some groups have gone astray and allowed entry to demonic forces.

Paul wrote against those forces in several of his letters, while giving us clear instructions about living out the Christian life. In Romans 12:9-10 we read: Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.

To love someone means to accept that person for who they are while praying prayers of protection, and divine revelation for them, asking God to deliver them of everything which is not of Him.


Let’s do that today.

Ask God which of your neighbours, colleagues, friends, or family members you should pray for, and then lift those people to the Lord, asking Him for guidance as you pray.

Read and take note of Jesus’ last message to His disciples in John 15, or Paul’s message to the Roman church in Romans 12. Or read both if you have time!

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