Truth 21

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Truth – Day 21

Amos 5:10

There are those who hate the one who upholds justice in court and detest the one who tells the truth.

The Thought

This sounds as though it is referring to the message yesterday, with the question “Whose voice are we listening to?” It is a sad verse. But true. Ever since Eve listened to the wrong voice in the garden of Eden, there have been spiritual forces working to get more and more of us to listen to the voice which is not from The Lord. The voices speaking against the truth which only God can give us.

Many of us discovered at an early age in school, or even at home that there are people who will call us names that are not complimentary if we tell the truth of what we witnessed in certain situations. More than that, they may well be ready for a fight!

In this chapter the prophet Amos is speaking for the Lord. He is declaring that He sees everything, and He alone has the ability to destroy strongholds with a flash, and bring fortified cities to ruin (Amos 5:9).

Today we need some “tale tellers” in the right places. There is much evil scheming going on in our world that we do not hear about.

The news media move on daily to new subjects without giving us the truth of what really happened to the things they reported on previous days.


Pray today for honest news reporting.

Read Amos 5 and see how much of it echos with our world today (v7, v10-12).

The Lord is still calling for justice today as He did in this chapter (v22-26).

Listen to some of our modern day prophets. Hear what they are saying about today’s governments, leaders, and even clergy.

Pray for any you know personally who work in those positions.

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