Spiritual Warfare – Part 8

Spiritual Warfare – Part 8

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The King of Aram versus Elisha….. read 2 Kings 6:8-23

  • 8 The enemy has plans.

Can you think of an occasion when the enemy of your soul has made plans against you or someone you know?

  • 10 The King of Israel checked out what the prophet said and found it was true.

If a prophet speaks in your meeting, do you…

  1. check out what they say?
  2. not really listen?
  3. have a “wait and see” attitude?
  4. ignore it?
  • 12 People in the enemy camp recognise the prophetic gift.

Is a prophetic gift accepted in your christian circles?

  • 14 The enemy (a strong force) came by night.

Have you experienced the enemy force at night…

  1. in your thoughts?
  2. in your dreams?
  3. in reality?
  • 15 The servant was afraid because of what he saw.

Read 2 Corinthians 5:7

Remember Jesus calmed the storm. John 6:18-21

  • 16 Elisha saw with his spiritual eyes.

Do you?

Do you understand that there are more angels with you than demons against you?

  • 17 One quick word from Elisha and God did it.

Can you remember a time when an “arrow” prayer was answered very quickly?

  • 17 The servant was amazed by the unseen world which surrounded him.

Do you believe in angels?

Read Matthew 18:10 & Hebrews 1:14

Have you ever seen one? Or more?

  • 18 No fighting. Just very specific prayer.

Do you think it’s OK to pray for your enemy to be afflicted?

Was the blindness total or just so they couldn’t recognise Elisha?

  • 19 Elisha lied! Is that OK in a spiritual battle?

What about the belt of truth we should wear? (Ephesians 6:14)

  • 19-20 He led them to their enemy, the King of Israel, a days walk away!

What an example of Elisha’s faith, that his enemy would follow him all day and not recognise him!

How strong is your faith?

  • 21 The King of Israel asks the prophet’s advice.

Do you know anyone who seeks a prophet’s advice before making major decisions?

What about fortune tellers?

  • 22 Elisha’s advice to the king is a forerunner of Jesus telling us to love our enemies.

How easy for you is it to be nice to those you don’t like and who don’t like you? (Matt. 5:43)

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