Spiritual Warfare – Part 6

Spiritual Warfare – Part 6

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The Battle of Jehoshaphat …. Read 2 Chronicles 20:1-30

  • v1 Do you know who the Moabites and Ammonites were? Read Genesis 19:30-38

The consequences of sin last for several generations!!

  • v3 Jehoshaphat’s reaction to the problem was to fast and pray.

How do you react to a problem?

  • v4 The people prayed together.

Do you pray with others over problems or do you keep things to yourself?

  • v6-7 They praised God for His past blessings and his power.

Does remembering what God has done in the past help?

  • v10 After praising God they then laid their problems before Him.

Do you spell out your problems before God or do you expect Him to know them?

  • v12 They admitted total dependance on God.

Are you totally dependant on The Lord or do you tend to rely on your own resources?

After all, hasn’t he given you intelligence to use?

Read John 15:5

  • v13 They were ALL stood before the Lord.

How often are our children included in prayer for problems? At home? At church? Nationwide?

  • v14 A word of prophecy from a Levite with an impressive inheritance.

Would you be sceptical or believing if someone in your church group stood and said “The Lord says……”?

  • v15-16 God is very specific in His instructions.

Can you share with the group a time when you heard specific instructions from the Lord?

  • v17 Be obedient and the Lord will be with you.

Has this ever been your experience?

  • v18-19 Reaction…. humility, worship and praise!

Is your reaction to God’s instructions praise and humble obedience?

Or are you a reluctant servant?

  • v21 The people marched in Praise.

Where are the praise marches of our time?

They can be individual ones, not big events!

  • v22 Only when they began to sing did the Lord move.

Do we really know how to praise or are we too self conscious?

Maybe we are critical of others who are “over exuberant”!

  • v23 Praise caused the enemy to self destruct!

Do we underestimate the power of praise?

  • v24-26 All they had to do was collect the plunder. And praise the Lord again!

The valley was even named after their praises!

  • v29 the results had far reaching effects.

When you have answered prayers, how far do the effects of them reach?

Do you tell your family, your friends, your church?

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