Spiritual Blessings – 4

This post is Day 4 in a series of studies about “The Spiritual Blessings” in Ephesians, I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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The Spiritual Blessings – Day 4

Ephesians 1:5

Because of his love he had already decided to adopt us through Jesus Christ.

The Thought

Just that short verse is such an amazing concept. Can you imagine a spiritual blessing bigger than being adopted as a child of God? Imagine for a moment being adopted by someone rich and famous, maybe somebody you admire. You would have everything you need right from square one.

Hopefully your choice of parent would be wise as well. Father God who is ready to adopt you, (or has already adopted you if you’ve said Yes to Jesus,) is the wisest being in Heaven and earth. He makes good decisions for you. He has great plans for your future, (no matter how old you are). And He is ready to give advice through His word, and through Holy Spirit. Just like any good father He longs for us to turn to Him for help in times of trouble. To look to Him for encouragement when things seem uncertain. To look to Him for comfort when things are not going as well as we had hoped or in times of grieving. He longs for us to be aware of His presence and to run to Him when things don’t seem to be going as we planned.


Spend time with Father God today and imagine yourself sitting on his knee, rest your head against His chest and hear His heartbeat which beats for love for you. Be at peace as you rest in that security.

Talk to Him today as you go about your daily tasks, tell Him what you are feeling. He knows all those things, but like any good father, He longs to hear from us as His children. In any good relationship, both sides chat, confess, laugh and cry together. Pray for that freedom in being adopted as God’s child.

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