30 Days in Psalm 91 (in French)

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30 Days in Psalm 91

Anne Elmer

30 Day Study Series – Nº 1


Each book in the 30 day book series is intended to supply daily readings for a month. Each day there is a verse following the theme of the title, a short teaching, thought or challenge on the verse followed by suggestions for prayer and praise. Each day can take as long as you like depending on the time available and the meditation time the reader wants to invest. By grouping 3 or 4 days together, each book can be used for housegroups during 6 to 7 weeks.

Recently, I found myself saddened by the number of Christians I know who are ill! Not necessarily seriously ill (although several are), but suffering from colds, flu, and the sort of winter illnesses that most people expect to catch. Many of these same people pray and expect healing for severe ailments and many, I know, have prayed for others and have seen miracles happen. It saddens and frustrates me that so many of us may pray for big things and keep accepting less serious illnesses.

That is why I asked the Lord about this and He led me to understand that it is linked to a renewing of the mind and applying His Word in our lives. I am still working on that myself and, I suppose, you are too.

Another study is available (« 30 days Renewing the Mind » Romans 12:2) but here, we have one month to look at the « protection psalm » that I found to be a great help when I prayed against illness and all sorts of attacks, for myself and my family in the past. I hope that it will be helpful for you too.

Be blessed and encouraged to expect great things as you make this psalm a reality in your life.


EAN: 978-2-917973-01-1
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