Living Sacrifice – 3

This post is Day 3 in a series of studies about “A Living Sacrifice”. I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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A Living Sacrifice – Day 3

Romans 12:1-21

The Thought

Take time today to read through Romans chapter 12. Try to get an overview of what we are talking about before we delve into it more deeply.

This chapter has always challenged and also encouraged me. None of us want to be sacrifices. It brings up thoughts of animals laid on an altar to be killed. But be encouraged by the word LIVING in the first verse of our chapter for the month.

I’ve slowly learned through my years as a Christian that the more I sacrifice what God asks me to, the better I feel and the richer I become. In a spiritual sense!

I am more and more sure that I am living for Jesus in the way He wants me to. That doesn’t mean that I live the perfect life. But it means that I am assured of His forgiveness, His correction, and His direction and inspiration each day.

Paul wrote this letter to the believers he knew in Rome. It was to be read out in the churches there. His opening paragraph in the first chapter of the letter tells us of Paul’s assurance in who God has called him to be, and also who Jesus is. But as we read on, through the first chapter, we recognise that Paul’s words would cause dispute in some churches today. He did not worry about upsetting people, and continued with assurance to criticise their sins and say what the Romans needed to hear.


As you read this chapter in its entirety today, imagine a pastor reading it aloud to the people gathered in a home for their church meeting. Some of the dos and don’ts might upset people.

Imagine it being read in your church. What would their reaction be?

Pray that as you continue with this study you will hear God’s voice encouraging you on your christian road.

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