Living Sacrifice 27

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A Living Sacrifice – Day 27

Romans 12:18

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

The Thought

One dictionary definition of “peace” describes it as the “absence of war”. But there is so much more to peace than that. New Testament interpretation of the Greek word “peace” (eirene) is given as “a state of wellbeing and harmony”. That’s the peace that Jesus was talking about when He told His disciples that He was leaving His peace with them (John 14:27).

He was talking about the spirit of community and co-operation. He was not talking about being at peace with those who would try to kill them! Jesus did not live at peace with the Pharisees, but He did live at peace with the mixed bunch of disciples chosen to follow in His footsteps.

It was in His long farewell speech to His disciples that Jesus told them that He was leaving His peace with them. That is a strange statement. Physical things can be left to others when we die, but how does one leave something non-tangible with anyone else?

It was as though they were His children and in His last will and testament He left them nothing tangible, but He endowed them with His peace!

Each one of us as we become children of our Heavenly Father can live in that place of peace that Jesus shared with His disciples.


Ask yourself today if there is anyone with whom you do not live in peace, remembering the first part of Paul’s verse to the Romans “as far as it depends on you”. In a serious disagreement it takes both parties to decide that peace is the best way forward. Sometimes that just doesn’t happen!

Pray for peace in the church of Jesus Christ on the earth, too many new denominations have been caused by disagreements and discord.

Pray for peace in your own family, and in your local christian community.

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