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Jonah – Day 6

Jonah 1:12

“Pick me up and throw me into the sea,” he replied, “and it will become calm. I know that it is my fault that this great storm has come upon you.”

The Thought

When we rebel against God it is not just us that suffer, but those around us too. Jonah acknowledged his sin, and in doing so, he gave a prophecy which came true immediately. The moment he was thrown overboard, the sea became calm!

What was Jonah’s reasoning in suggesting that? Was he prepared to be a martyr? Was this an attempted suicide? Or was he trying to save himself or save the sailors? We don’t really know, and could easily spend some time discussing those ideas.

What we do know is that he shouldn’t have been on that boat for Tarshish, he should have been going to Nineveh. Once our runaway took the tiniest step in the right direction, those around him who were suffering because of his rebellion witnessed an immediate change and recognized the hand of the almighty God in the supernatural storm they had experienced.

God is the same for us too. Once we take the first step in the right direction things change. Part of God’s plan was accomplished once the sailors recognized that God is the Lord of land and sea as Jonah had said. They even prayed to Jonah’s God before throwing him over the side. They expected Jonah to die and didn’t want to be guilty of his murder. I wonder if any of them ever knew what happened next???


Pray for any servants of God that you know of, who have gone in the wrong direction. Pray that God will use their situations for His purposes.

For yourself, pray that you will always stay on the right track.

Praise God that He uses every type of situation, whether out of our obedience or our rebellion.

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