The Doctor

In those days in the UK a person who had been in hospital had to see their own doctor as early as possible after leaving in order to have the correct paper work signed. So Monday morning saw Malgwyn in our local doctor’s surgery. Dr Pearson had known us for a long time and knew that we weren’t often unwell. So his first question was “What’s going on that might cause this sort of thing?”

When he heard the story of the new job, he said “Oh well, you don’t want to go back to work, do you?” And he gave Malgwyn a paper to say he wouldn’t return to work for 2 weeks!!

Consequently he just returned to his office to tidy his desk and bring home a few things that were his.

Was that a God thing?

We think so. We had a lovely time as a family together before Malgwyn flew off to mainland Europe on 30th January.

The Restaurant

Just another short episode from early in this story. Read part one here.

You will remember that Malgwyn went to London for the interview with the agent (a head hunter). All went well and at the end of the morning the agent said that he thought Malgwyn was good for the post and he was going to discuss it with head office. So he wouldn’t offer him lunch, but would be pleased to see him later in the day.

Malgwyn headed for a restaurant not far away and was frustrated to find that it was already full. No free tables and only a few tables with an unused place. But a waiter came to speak to him and looking round the restaurant asked him to wait a moment. The waiter then went across to an elderly lady sitting alone at a table and spoke to her. She looked at Malgwyn over her glasses and nodded, indicating that she was OK for him to sit at her table.

The Bishop’s Wife

Malgwyn and his table companion conversed about nothing important for a few minutes and then the lady asked him what he was doing in London. She had recognised from his accent that he was from the north. He told her about the job interview. A few minutes later she asked him what the fish in his lapel represented. He told her exactly what it was, and before he got to the end of what he was going to say about Jesus she interrupted saying that she already knew what it was, and she just wondered if he was wearing it for the right reason. She then went on to say that she felt that he would get the job and he would be a blessing to many!

Well, today we can tell you that that was a prophetic word but our christian experience at that time was extremely limited and we knew very little about any of the spiritual gifts. Malgwyn’s table companion turned out to be the wife of an anglican bishop!

That was one of those God things!