The Phone Call

After about 10 very happy years as members of St. Mark’s, the English speaking church in Versailles (France), we had a phone call from one of the many American missionaries who had stayed in our home in the past. She asked if we could help another US missionary. He was presently working in Sweden, but believed the Lord was sending him to Versailles.

Well of course our answer was “yes”, and we told her to give him our phone number. Well about half an hour later he phoned us to say he was in a hotel in Versailles praying about what to do next and following up the only link he had received. Ours! Was that a God thing??

The Meeting

We went to pick him up from his hotel and took him to our home for a meal. Tim Kilstrom and his wife Vicky became good friends. We were able to help them with the language, school advice, and many other things. We took Tim with us to church on the first weekend after we met, and introduced him to the pastor of St. Mark’s. When Tim explained that he was looking for a place to hold a Bible school, David, the pastor, immediately offered him the use of our church!! (That was a God thing!)

The Bible School

A couple of years later Tim had established a bilingual church and Bible school in their own premises. Both Malgwyn and I did a year in that school widening our experience of Christianity, and helping along our (Biblical) French. Our son, Chris, did a year there too!

That was definitely a “God thing” preparing us for all the bilingual things we now do together!

It’s exciting to know that God knew so many years ago what we would be doing today.