Idols – 6

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Idols – Day 6

Psalm 78:57-59

Like their ancestors they were disloyal and faithless, as unreliable as a faulty bow. They angered Him with their high places; they aroused His jealousy with their idols. When God heard them, He was furious; He rejected Israel completely.

The Thought

Praise God that He didn’t reject Israel forever. His Word tells us that He is slow to anger and quick to forgive (Nahum 1:3). That’s the example we must follow in our relationships with others! The world we live in would be a much better place if we all were slow to anger and quick to forgive!

This psalm is full of reminders of what The Lord had done for His people through the years since the Exodus from Egypt. The author, Asaph, goes through much of the History and encourages his own generation to be sure to tell their children that story, so that they will never forget and continue to serve The Lord, recounting the same history to their own children.

The aim of that mission to tell the next generation is so that they will not build idols. God has no place for idols of any sort, and never encourages them. Many traditional churches have statues on display in our day. If these are to remind us of the inspirational lives people have led throughout history, then let us all be inspired.


Read this psalm today and allow it to challenge you. Do you tell others in your family what the Lord has done for you? (verses 5-8)

Ask yourself what your attitude is to statues. Are you tempted to make them into idols and bow down to them? (Exodus 20:5Day 1)

Think about your own family history remembering that God saw everything that happened to each person involved. Praise God for the good things that you inherited.

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