Gifts & Giving 31

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Gifts & Giving – Day 31

John 6:54

Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up on the last day.

The Thought

On this last day of the year, it could be interesting to think a little about the last day for the earth as we know it.

If you tell a believer that you think we are living in the end times, they could possibly agree with you, but say the same thing to a non-believer and they will tell you that is crazy, and that people have been thinking that for generations. It hasn’t happened yet! But in today’s verse Jesus refers to the last day and tells us about the best gift ever given; Himself. What a long lasting gift that is! It remains unchanged until the very end of time! None of us can imagine that last day when the dead who have been believers will be raised and we will all meet King Jesus in the air! (Revelation 20 & 21)

Today’s verse is from a very rich chapter when Jesus, almost without specifying its importance, installs the taking of bread and wine in His memory. In fact much of the chapter refers to “bread”, opening with the multiplication of bread as five thousand are fed. Later there is a reference to manna in the wilderness (v31) and then to the bread of Heaven which gives life (v33). In verses 35, 41,48 & 51 we read of Jesus Himself being the bread of life.


Think today about the gift of Jesus as the bread of life, and the taking of communion in His memory. (Maybe you could take it at home with family and friends, just as Jesus did at the last supper.)

Thank Father God for the amazing gift of His Son, and be ready to give the good news to someone else today.

Thank Him for what you have read and studied this month.


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