Gideon – 6

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Gideon – Day 6

Judges 6:13

“But if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?”

The Thought

Many Christians ask this question. Non-believers use it as an argument about a non-loving, or non-existent God. They blame the God they don’t believe in, for all the bad things which happen. We need to remember that God has an enemy, the devil, who will do his all to prevent us believing in the Lord, and to prevent God’s people from fulfilling their calling.

Evil in the world is always the work of satan, and never the work of God. But the manifestation of evil can be a result of sin. God made it very clear to His people when they came out of Egypt that if they followed His rules they would be blessed, if not, they would be cursed; Deuteronomy 11:26-28, 28:2 & 30:10

Once God’s people were settled in the land of promise they forgot much of what He had said. Do we forget past blessings? Do we forget that sometimes receiving the goodness of God is conditional on our obedience to His word?

We must understand that often the Lord allows things to happen so that His people will call out out to Him, so that He can come and work a miracle. In this story, He was needing just one obedient man, and He chose Gideon. He still looks for men and women to stand in the gap for Him (Ezekiel 22:30). In this verse the Lord told Ezekiel that He couldn’t find anyone to do what He wanted. Will He find someone today?


Pray for Him to show you where He wants you to stand today; where He has allowed a bad situation to arise so that He can move His mighty hand in deliverance.

Praise Him for His mighty hand of deliverance and that no situation is too difficult for Him to move.

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