Gideon – 24

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Gideon – 24

Judges 7:13-14

“I had a strange dream. There was a loaf of barley bread rolling around in the camp of Midian. When it got to the command post, the loaf of bread hit that tent so hard that the tent collapsed, turned upside down, and fell flat.”
His friend replied, “That can only be the sword of Gideon, son of Joash, from Israel. God is going to hand Midian and the whole camp over to him.”

The Thought

If somebody had told you this dream would you have had that interpretation? I am fairly sure I wouldn’t, certainly not without a direct word from the Lord. That is what this was. A direct word from God.

The interpretation of dreams is another of God’s spiritual gifts. Sometimes it is a long term gift, and sometimes it can be a one-off thing when Holy Spirit speaks and the listener receives what He is saying.

The interpretation of this particular dream showed Gideon that the enemy was afraid of him! Is your spiritual enemy afraid of you?

In Acts 19:13-16 we read the strange story of the seven sons of a Jewish priest who were trying to copy what Paul was doing. They didn’t succeed because the enemy didn’t know them.

In the historic account of the Midianites that we are looking at, Gideon had a reputation amongst the enemy tribes, as Paul did centuries later.

If we are being obedient to the Lord and fighting the battles He gives us to fight, then we should know that we have the victory in His name. Even if the enemy knows our name, it is at the name of Jesus that he will flee.


Pray that the Lord will strengthen you to take on the spiritual battles that He wants you to fight and in His name.

Praise Jesus who has the victory over all the enemy, and in whose name the demons flee (Deuteronomy 28:7).

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