Gideon – 11

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Gideon – Day 11

Judges 6:22-23

That’s when Gideon realized that this had been the Messenger of the Lord. So he said, “Lord God! I have seen the Messenger of the Lord face to face.” The Lord said to him, “Calm down! Don’t be afraid. You will not die.”

The Thought

Old Testament belief was that if a person saw the face of God, it meant death. God said as much Himself to Moses (Exodus 33:20). Can you feel Gideon’s panic here as he feared death having been face to face with an angel who he believed was a manifestation of God?

In a way we do die, but it is a dying to ourselves, not physical death, because once we have really seen the Lord whether physically as Gideon did, or spiritually as many people have done since Gideon’s time, then we are forever changed.

This verse speaks of the “angel of the Lord” who many believe to be the person of Jesus, the God-man. He is the manifestation of God that we can see and still live. Jesus is the God who came to earth to live and to die in order to reveal His heavenly Father to us.

He appeared to Gideon to show the way to success, the way to dealing with the enemy. To show and confirm the authority of God the Father. He appeared to convince Gideon of the ever present God who sees and hears and comes to help and deliver. What He did for Gideon He will do for you and for me. It may be a physical appearance, or just an inner assurance that He is with us.


Pray for Jesus to be real for you today. Ask Him to reveal the Father’s love to you, and for your fears to be overcome in His name and by His power.

Praise Him for His love, His Father heart, His deliverance.

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