Followers of Jesus 2

This post is Day 2 in a series of studies about “Followers of Jesus”. I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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Followers of Jesus – Day 2

Luke 10:17

The seventy-two returned with joy and said “Lord, even the demons submit to us in Your name”.

The Thought

After Jesus sent out the twelve and they had returned, He sent out a much larger group to do the same thing. The first verse of this chapter tells us that those seventy-two went before Jesus to the places He was planning to go! They were His publicity committee advertising His coming visit!

Should the church today be the publicity committee for His second coming?

In the previous verse Jesus had told these seventy-two “Whoever listens to you listens to Me, whoever rejects you rejects Me, but whoever rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me.” (Luke 10:16)

What a sad warning Jesus gave those early disciples. Do you realise today that those you speak to about Jesus who don’t want to listen are not rejecting you but Him? Consequently they are rejecting Father God, the One who created them and sent their souls to live on the earth.

Who were these seventy-two? Were they there on the mountain on what we now call “Ascension day”? Were they in the crowd on that day of Pentecost? There are some questions we will not get the answers to on this side of Heaven.


Praise God that one day you will get answers to all the important questions you have ever wondered about.

Praise God too that He doesn’t use perfect people to do his work. Dare to tell Him today that you want to do what He is asking you to wherever you are. Ask Him to speak clearly and give you boldness.

Read Luke 10 and be encouraged with all God did through those seventy two.

Note verse 17 “The seventy two returned with joy….”

Praise God for the joy and privilege of working with Him.

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