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Angels – Day 28

Zechariah 1:9

I asked “What are these my Lord?” The angel who was talking with me answered “I will show you what they are”.

The Thought

Zechariah was born during the seventy years of exile in Babylon. He returned to Jerusalem in 538BC. We can imagine that during his early years he heard much talk of the Holy Land which should really belong to his people. I can imagine that his gift as a visionary was developed during his childhood and young adult life when he heard so much about the homeland that he didn’t know, and about the Lord’s promises to return them to that place. As well as the promise that He would one day, come Himself.

Much of Zechariah’s book concerns that rebuilding of the temple and the Lord’s arrival on earth. The verse quoted above is the beginning of long conversations with angels. Zechariah was told about the coming of the Lord to reign in Jerusalem. We are still waiting for that and much of the book is describing what will happen before the Lord’s return to earth.

Throughout the book Zechariah has conversations with angels like most of us would have with a pastor, priest or other Christian leader who is able to explain the things we don’t understand. How wonderful it must be to have an explanation of things straight from an angel. Maybe we should be asking for more of those.


Dare to ask the Lord today to send an angel to explain to you the things you find difficult in His word.

Pray for the future plans that Jesus has for you, and how you can help bring others to Him before His return to earth, which cannot be far away now.

Praise God that He had plans for the earth from beginning to end as well as for those who live on it. Praise Him that He sees all enemy activity and has the answer.

Pray for those you know who do not yet know Him.

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