In describing the people we have looked at during the last 4 days, Jude sums them up with open criticism. These are people in church gatherings that he was speaking about! I find it also quite scary that these things are going on today in much of the worldwide church.

Numbers 16 tells us the full story of the rebellion of Korah followed by a second rebellion that started in the camp after Korah and his supporters were dramatically destroyed. God dealt with both rebellions quickly, letting everyone know that Moses and Aaron were the leaders that He had chosen.

What was the rebellion of Korah? He was from the priestly tribe of Levi, and he reminds us of many politicians of our day. Things were not going as he expected, so he complained. A few others agreed with him and before they knew it, there was a rebellion beginning.

In Numbers 22 we find that the Israelites have grown to be a huge tribe. They are on the banks of the Jordan not far from their Promised Land. This was Moabite territory and the Israelite fame had gone before them, so that Balak, king of the Moabites was terrified.

How easy it is to criticise things we do not understand. Most of us are guilty of that at some time. Many churches are guilty of finding fault with other types of church. Often the criticism comes from people who have never really associated with that church or its members!

There are many more books written about the history of the people of God that are not included in our Bibles. The Dead Sea scrolls contain much of our scriptures, but also other writings such as the book of Enoch, which was not accepted into the canon of scripture.

The sad thing is that often these people do not know that they are deceived, they honestly believe the Lord has spoken to them, often through dreams. There are many Biblical references to dreams given by God, and He is still speaking through dreams today, He never changes!

We read about Sodom and Gomorrah. Many of us know that story, but few of us know that other cities were destroyed at the same time. The very nature of sin is that it has very few limits. When someone does something wrong, other people are affected directly and indirectly.

The angels must have known where the limits of their territory were. But they took a peek at what was beyond their limits. Of course the grass is always greener on the other side, and we often desire what is not ours. But we do not expect that of angels.