The Life of Joseph – 17

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The Life of Joseph – Day 17

Genesis 43:1-2

Now the famine was still severe in the land. So when they had eaten all the grain they had brought from Egypt, their father said to them, “Go back and buy us a little more food.”

The Thought

After Jacob, also called Israel (Genesis 32:28), had refused to let Benjamin go to Egypt, life returned to “normal” for a while, until the food ran out again! It seems as though Jacob’s memory was failing! Either he had forgotten what his sons had said, or he had blocked out the fact that Simeon was imprisoned in Egypt! Maybe Jacob was suffering from old age? Whatever the reason, a serious family discussion went on until Judah finally persuaded his father to allow all his remaining sons to travel to Egypt, leaving him in mourning for them all (v11-14)!

Later we read that the brothers hurried down to Egypt (verse15)! There were many reasons why they would hurry! They were not travelling on holiday. They were not just going shopping, although they were hoping to return with good things. They were hoping to be successful in bringing back Simeon who had been in prison for a while, and also grain to feed their families until the end of the famine. Maybe they were also praying that their father would live until their return.


Imagine their discussions along the way, or do you think they travelled in silence? How did each brother feel? Were they worried about their father, and their wives and children they had left without much food, or worried about the reception they would get from “the man in charge” in Egypt?

Pray today for those parts of the world which suffer from famine for whatever reason.

Pray too for the broken families you know of. All of us know of parents estranged from their children, or siblings that don’t speak to each other. Only God can heal those hurts. Maybe He is waiting for our prayers.

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