Psalms 146-150 – Day 29

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Psalms 146-150 – Day 29

Psalm 150:2

Praise Him for His acts of power; praise Him for His surpassing greatness.

The Thought

Often when people are going through difficult circumstances, well meaning Christians say to them: “Praise God. That will make you feel better!” Sometimes that works, but sometimes it can have an adverse reaction, because when people are feeling down they are often (but not always), blaming God for not answering their prayers in the first place. Their reaction is to reject their well meaning advisors, and blame God for the problems.

It is often too easy to blame God!

Today’s verse tells us not just to praise God while still focusing on ourselves, but to lift our gaze from our own problems and look at Him, recognising who He really is and what He has already done, not just for us personally, but for the world in general. God’s first acts of power were in creation, which is still being discovered and understood thousands of years after it happened (Genesis 1).

The greatest thing God ever did was in creating His Son to be born for us and to die for us! Between those two events were 30 years of amazing demonstrations of power and wise teaching.

Whatever problems you are going through today, Jesus experienced similar things during His earthly life. He …

  • argued with the Pharisees (Luke 6:1)
  • was tempted by satan, then met the devil head on at Calvary (Luke 4:2)
  • had no money to pay the taxes (Matthew 17:24-26)
  • experienced hunger (Matthew 4:2 & 21:18)
  • accompanied the men in the fiery furnace (Daniel 3:25)
  • mourned the death of a friend (John 11:35).


Whatever difficulties you are facing today, praise Jesus that He has experience of that problem, and ask for His solution, thanking Him for being with you through it.

Read some of the passages in the list above and be encouraged.

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