Once the first disciples had been given the Holy Spirit, nothing could stop them telling others the truth about Jesus. Nothing! Once Paul had had his Damascus road experience, nothing could stop him sharing his faith, and satan tried hard by sending shipwrecks, imprisonment and every kind of opposition.

If we take the 10 commandments seriously, then we need to apologise to God for breaking His rules. Many too, may need to recognise that the sicknesses and difficulties we are experiencing today are because our ancestors have not been obedient. Yes, Jesus broke those curses at the cross, but …

Across the world there are hundreds of different styles and confessions of church. Sadly many have been formed because of dispute, because a group of people wanted to do things differently. We are privileged to live in a day when Jesus is doing a great work of reconciliation among His followers.

Many church-goers go because it is their regular Sunday activity, many out of obligation to parents or spouse. For non-believers, church does not conjure a picture of a loving happy community. It suggests a building where people sit on hard seats, have whispered conversations, and listen to boring messages.